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The Graduate Program in Applied Computing (PPG-CC) offers a M.Sc. program focusing on the development and application of computer science theory, methods and techniques to solve problems in different knowledge domains. The program is organized into two research lines:

Applied Computing in Bioscience 

The biological and medical areas are characterized by growing availability of (research) data produced using different molecular biology techniques and medical imaging systems. Such data have to be processed using different software applications in order to facilitate data analysis and knowledge discovery. The development of these applications often requires a multidisciplinary view, both in its target areas of application and in its component sciences, including mathematics, statistics and computer science.

Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems 

A complex system consists of a set of parts interconnected by some sort of relationship defined between these parts. Thus, in order to characterize a complex system we need to know both its constituent parts and how they related to each other. Such systems exhibit a number of interesting properties, such as emergency, phase transition, self-organized evolution patterns, hierarchical levels, among others. Complex systems have a wide range of applications in various areas, such as in neuroscience, bioinformatics, and engineering. In order to modeling and understanding such systems, we apply computational, mathematical and physical knowledge.

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