How USP’s Graduate Programs work

The Graduate courses (Master’s, Professional Master´s and PhD levels) offer the opportunity for scientific development as well as a deepening of the knowledge and qualification obtained at the undergraduate level. Their aim is to bring to the society highly qualified human resources, to work in teaching, scientific research, public organizations and industrial sectors.

During the Master’s or PhD course, the student attends to disciplines and develops the project of his/her dissertation or thesis. The Master’s or PhD degree is conferred after the fulfillment of all course demands, including the defense of the dissertation or thesis, respectively. The duration varies from 24 to 48 months for the Master’s degree and from 36 to 60 months for the Doctorate. The Doctorate of Law can take up to 72 months, depending on the Program and/or the Course.

The graduate courses at USP are mostly offered by the university’s teaching and research units (Institutes and Colleges). There are also inter-units Graduate courses, generally with an interdisciplinary motivation, which carry out their activities in the various units members of the Programs. Moreover, USP holds and organizes Graduate courses with the participation of one or more associated College-level institutions in Brazil or abroad (inter-institutional programs).

Academic and scientific cooperation between Graduate programs at USP and foreign institutions has been fostered. Cooperation agreements between USP and internationally recognized institutions give students and professors the opportunity to travel abroad for studies or research, or to engage in internships over the short or medium term, while also including multiple supervision, which is jointly provided by USP and foreign institutions.

How to sign up

The sign-up process for the Graduate studies varies according to the Program chosen. For more details, you must go to the homepage of the Program that interests you (to locate a program see the link below). Each program has its own regulations, though all are based on the Regulations of Graduate Study at USP.


All courses at the University of São Paulo are provided to the student free of charge. Therefore, there is no enrollment fee or monthly fee charged to any student, whether Brazilian or not. However, the Graduate programs, can establish a fee up to a maximum of R$ 200.00 for the selection processing. For more details, please go to the  homepage of the program that interests you. 

Link: List of Courses