What is PAE?

PAE –This acronym in Portuguese means “Programa de Aperfeiçoamento de Ensino”, or “Teaching Improvement Program”

This program is regulated by ordinance GR 3588, of May 10th 2005, and the target group is the graduate students enrolled at the University of São Paulo in Master and Doctoral Courses.

The main goal of PAE is to improve the training of post-graduate teaching activity to undergraduate

It consists of two stages:

  1. Pedagogical Preparation 
  2. Supervised Internship in Teaching  

Stage of Pedagogical Preparation 

This Stage has different characteristics according to how the Teaching Unit structure, and can be found in three forms:

  • a postgraduate course offering credits, whose content will focus on issues of the University and the Higher Education ;
  • Series of conferences with experts in the field of Education, condensed in a shorter time, whose  theme are the issues of Higher Education ;
  • Core activities, involving preparation of teaching materials, curriculum discussions, the menus disciplines and planning courses, coordinated by faculty.

Stage of Supervised Internship 

This stage is held in undergraduate courses. The applicant must subscribe to the Teaching Unit of the relevant area of expertise to his/her course. At the end of the stage, after completing the formalities, participants who satisfactorily performed the task and duties obtain a certificate, and with the discretion of the Postgraduate Committee, may receive credit for the activity. 

The program is mandatory for post graduate students who receive CAPES scholarship and optional for others.