Universidade de São Paulo
Faculdade de Medicina
Ciências Biológicas e da Saúde
Doutorado;Mestrado Acadêmico

The Post Graduation Program strictu sensu in Urologia at the FMUSP seeks, in agreement with the principles of the initial project, to form and to qualify researchers and educators in the urological area. 

The Program can be accomplished in the level of Master, destined to non-doctors and doctors without specialist's title or residency in urology, and Doctorate, destined to the doctors who concluded Mastership or with specialist's title or residency in urology and non-doctors who concluded Mastership.


1. Prognostics factors in urogenital cancer. 

2. Techniques of urogenital oncologic surgery. 

3. Dysfunctional micturition and sphincter insufficiency. 

4. Integration of new materials and biological devices in the reconstruction of the urinary tract. 

5. Lithogenesis and treatments of urinary stones by high frequency waves. 

6. Development, integration and conditions for gametas viability. 

7. Hormonal and neurovascular mechanisms involved in the sexual and erective function.