Universidade de São Paulo
Museu de Zoologia
Doutorado;Mestrado Acadêmico

The Museu de Zoologia offers a post-graduate program in Systematics, Animal Taxonomy and Biodiversity at the Masters and Doctoral levels. The course is set up to cater to students interested in developing academic and/or research careers in comparative biology, systematics and evolutionary biology.

The program places strong emphasis on works in systematics, taxonomy, phylogenetic reconstruction, biogeography and ecological history, whilst also encompassing other areas related to evolutionary biology, in accordance with the qualifications of the advisory bodies. The works conducted generally apply to specific groups of animals, especially those represented in the collection at MZUSP, but theoretical and methodological research also fall within the scope of the program. Biological diversity is not limited by national borders and its study cannot be similarly limited. Thus the program strongly promotes the internationalization of studies undertaken. The course serves both national and international students, with regulations that allow the participation of the latter with few obstacles. The training of professionals from other countries is desirable both for the creation of international scientific ties as well as the development of science in general.