Universidade de São Paulo
Instituto de Matemática e Estatística
Ciências Exatas e da Terra
Doutorado;Mestrado Acadêmico

The Graduate Program in Statistics at the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sao Paulo (IME-USP), consists of an academic master's and a Ph.D., both created in 1970. They have graduated more than 300 masters and 200 doctors since then. In the last CAPES evaluation, 2010-2012 period, the program received maximum score of 7. Its faculty is comprised of experts in various areas of Statistics and Probability including survival analysis, asymptotic methods, stochastic modeling in actuarial, econometrics and finance, bioinformatics, Bayesian inference, inference in stochastic processes, modeling of complex interacting systems, applications and regression models, generalized linear models, probability and stochastic processes, time series and theory of reliability. 

Researchers of this Graduate Program are associated to international research groups what allows continuous exchange of students and researchers. The Graduate Program has a wide structure curriculum including specific courses that cover all lines of research developed by faculty. Students also have an intense program of conferences and seminars. The Graduate Program encourages and provides financial support for students to participate in international scientific events.