Universidade de São Paulo
Faculdade de Direito de Ribeirão Preto
Ciências Sociais Aplicadas
Mestrado Acadêmico

The Law Graduate Program comprises the field of Development under the Rule of Law and congregates research on social, economic and cultural development within the scope of the building of the Rule of Law. It comprises the activities of research, teaching, culture and others, in an integrated fashion aiming at the formation of professionals capable of doing research, teaching at college/university level and operating Law both in the public and private sectors. The Program offers theoretical formation aimed both at the scientific and intellectual development of the student from an interdisciplinary point of view, concerned with the ethical and philosophical premises of the contemporary juridical experience and its political and social consequences.

The Master of Laws, as education project, is understood also as a process of ethical building of its participants, aspiring to foster their commitment with the definition of the type of ethical-political community they help building and in which they participate. The environment of pluralism and freedom contributes with the educational purpose of developing in the graduate students the commitment towards the fulfilling of the founding principles of the Brazilian democratic order, in line with the values of autonomy, democracy, pluralism, tolerance and dialogue.