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The Master in Public Policy Management is an academic course and offers theoretical scientific knowledge in public management and public  policy analysis. The studies are held in two years – in the first year the students take the courses and in the second  they write their dissertation under a professor´s orientation. 

The core courses provide skills on qualitative and quantitative methods and on public management theory and on theory of public policy. The elective courses provide specialization on a wide range of themes: public policy analysis, brazilian and latin american public policies in comparative perspective, public participation and accountability, public organizations and social rights. The dissertation should follow the model of scientific work – a theoretical framework for analyzing a research object (which may be, for example , a government program, a public policy, a public or social institution, or a theoretical problem).

The courses are offered in Portuguese and contain large load of reading in English. Some elective courses are offered in other languages , especially English and Spanish, as part of the internationalization strategy of the course through the coming of foreign professors to teach courses on cutting-edge topics in public management and public policy. In addition to the courses , the student participates in other activities such as research Seminars.