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The Graduate Program in Adult Health Nursing (Proesa) of the School of Nursing of the University  of São Paulo (EEUSP), was recommended by the Brazilian Coordination of Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), Ministry of Education, in 2002, and currently has the target score 7 by the CAPES. The mission of Proesa is to prepare highly human resources in research at the levels of 

Master, Doctor and Post-Doctorate Degree through the professional qualification of nurses and other healthcare professionals. It is expected the profile of candidates includes purposes of advanced research, education and advanced care within the legal and ethical scope of the profession.

Its goals are to produce evidence-based knowledge, respecting related ethical issues; develop reflection skills and educational interventions connected to the University-level of health teaching; and develop behaviors and attitudes towards continuous scientific and technological care update. The core of Proesa is the Adult Health Nursing Care and it’s centered at the development of studies on advanced models and practices of nursing care. The research areas include: Care of the adult patient with non-transmissible chronic diseases; Care of the adult patient with acute and critical diseases; Nursing work issues in adult healthcare; and, Adult healthcare technology.

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