Scholarships for PhD students at the University of Sao Paulo


USP and FAPESP Joint Initiative

On August, 2017, USP and FAPESP have launched the pioneer initiative to enroll PhD students at USP most qualified graduate programs. The selection procedure will be based on GRE scores, being the highest scores qualified to apply for one of the 30 (thirty) available scholarships from FAPESP. Candidates from all areas of knowledge are stimulated to participate in this program.


The University of Sao Paulo is a comprehensive research university with 268 graduate programs and around 25,000 students, being 15,000 PhDs. USP is ranked among the top universities in Latin America according to the most prestigious international rankings, such as Times Higher Education, QS, ARWH Shangai, etc. USP contributes 23% or 11,000 of the research papers from Brazil on the global academic stage, which places the university among the top 30 largest scientific contributors in the world.




The GRE DI Code for USP is 2348, which allows you to choose the graduate program.


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Scholarship Announcement


PhD Program Scholarships Available at the University of São Paulo!
The University of São Paulo and the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) have launched an initiative to enroll PhD students in USP’s highly ranked doctoral programs.

Scholarship Eligibility

1. Any student in Brazil and around the world holding scores from GRE General Test is eligible for this scholarship.

2. Applicants must have GRE scores of at least 155 in Verbal Reasoning, 158 in Quantitative Reasoning and 4.0 in the Analytical Writing section.  Test takers holding scores from January 1st, 2017 are also eligible.

The GRE DI Code for USP is 2348.

3. All test scores and correspondence related to the respective graduate program of interest must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Scholarship Benefits

1. Three years PhD fellowships for students without holding a Master of Science degree, with possibility for 1-yr renew.

2. Scholarships include a "technical reserve" corresponding to 30% of the stipend to cover general expenses (consumables, registration to meetings, etc).

For more information about this scholarship opportunity, please contact: USP Graduate Office GRE Section, University of Sao Paulo, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Featured FAQs

Não é permitido, conforme as Portarias do PAE, esse programa é facultado somente a alunos regularmente matriculados nos cursos de Mestrado ou Doutorado.

Não. O Convênio que rege o programa de Dupla-titulação deve ser estabelecido antes do aluno iniciar as atividades relativas a esse programa. Para que haja garantia de validade, todas as atividades devem ser realizadas durante a vigência do convênio.

Esta contabilização fica a cargo da CPG da unidade, que deve analisar a carga horária do curso e verificar a compatibilidade com os cursos de Graduação da USP.

A USP não fornece bolsas, o que é feito pelas agências de fomento (CAPES, CNPq e FAPESP, além de empresas e outros órgãos públicos). Deve-se direcionar aos sites das agências de fomento para maiores informações sobre bolsa, inclusive no exterior.

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